Understanding The Whys And Protecting What Matters Most
While trimming or pruning your arbourscape may seem unnecessary or something that can be postponed, procrastinating can prove to be far more invasive regarding your families precious financial resources.
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Why Cant I Do It Myself?
Depending on the size of the tree and the location of the branches to be pruned, pruning itself can also be very dangerous
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When to Trim?
Your neighbors here at Kelley Tree Service agree with the rule of thumb that tells us it's important that any pruning, or trimming (other than emergency branch removal) be done in...
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What do we offer?

Seasonal Weather Damage

"Weather" it was poor maintenance ( Entrust that to us if you wish for a quality maintained arbor scape!)
or severe weather, Kelley Tree Service places the highest priority on the cleanup of debris and fallen tree problems including that pesky stump that you have needed to be removed for so long. There is no better time than now and to wait is to allow the already troublesome mess that is weighing heavy on your home or land, to fester and potentially create far more expensive repairs in addition to the original project that was postponed. Avoid procrastination! Call or Contact us immediately for assurance that your home and lawn will be secure and protected by the talented team members of Kelley Tree Service!

We Build Lasting Relationships

At Kelley Tree Service, we value integrity, honesty and hard work, but our perspective lends to us a view that has given us wisdom over the course of our 25 years regarding the incredible value of building and cultivating lifelong relationships with our clients. We hold dear the immense importance of speaking equally and honestly to our clients regardless of how long we've known them. A direct approach that produces trust that continues to stand strong even when other companies or even acquaintances may fall behind. Take your first step in acquiring peace of mind and an outstanding arbor-scape by extending your hand to us in order to give that firm handshake that doubtlessly and inevitably through our local, family owned service, will prove to be a decision in which you will thank even yourself ! Get your free quote right now!

Safety and Equipment

Kelley Tree Service emphatically wishes to impress the importance of using proper tools which are properly placed in hands that are not only capable but professionally trained to handle any unforeseen and possibly dangerous situation which may arise due to environmental or human error.
Kelley Tree Service places safety and appropriate on the job safety training as the highest priority. It is important and possibly life-saving to leave the operation of potentially dangerous equipment or the performance required to reach the higher levels of the tree-line to those professionals that you trust and in so doing saves you and your family possible injury or costly expense.

Precision Planning

Athough thorough, expedient service that is built upon a strong desire to create mutually beneficial and lasting client relationships is our rallying cry and the fuel that has powered an efficient well oiled machine in which consistently provides top shelf service and above par craftsmanship, these things only frame what truly is the very skeleton that is the support holding everything together. The skeleton which adheres to the whole is our methods and intense attention applied in the planning stage. We meticulously research and develop a course of action for each and every variable that may cross our path and produce results which are Like they say "Plan your work and then work your plan!"

A Trusted Name in the Tree Service industry

Integrity and Transparency in Business

We aim higher than the standard in that our policy is to provide you detailed diagnosis and a plan of action every step of the way in order to greet you at the time of completion with confidence in our work and pride in knowing the assets and families who are the beneficiaries will be safe and will look upon their home with satisfaction.

Let our Family Protect Yours!

Allow our family to provide the means necessary to protect your family through the hard work and dedication exemplified throughout our company. Our team is a time tested and well-oiled machine in which each gear and every moving part produce results that are consistently outstanding. We love to brag about those who have committed to becoming as such within our company and it is this very reason that gives us pride in calling them, family.

Providing efficient "on time" Solutions

Our Team will respond quickly and provide the solutions needed so that you can get back to your life. Let us do the heavy lifting and clean up while your family remains safe without the dangers left by under maintained trees or weather damage. Word of mouth has been and will remain the top marketing solution for us because we simply provide service that remains unmatched and unchallenged. The key factor in our growth stands proud as we represent a perpetual improvement in every aspect and area of our company and within the results, we labor so hard to provide. We appreciate the opportunity to extend the hand of excellence to you and to those who matter most. Kelley Tree Service is a name that is provably one to remember!